Paper ideal for Art and prestigious Editions, Greeting cards and Invitations, Letterheads, Catalogues, Calendars, Covers, Menus, Tags, Luxury packaging, Annual reports and Monographs, Passepartout and others.


Thanks to the presence of 20% of cotton in the mixture, this paper is characterized by soft and velvety feel, combined with the characteristic delicacy of natural color, making it elegant and classy.
Papers and paperboards produced with the 20% of cotton and the 80% of ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) wood-free primary pulp responsible sources. The surface is natural with vellum finish, excellent stiffness, bulk and folding rigidity, good resistance to creasing and folding, good light-fastness and excellent surface sizing with natural gelatine.

Sheet Size
Code Colour Weight (gsm) Size (cm)
Canaletto Bianco (CANA-100) Bianco 100 45×64
Canaletto Bianco (CANA-160) 160 70×100
Canaletto Bianco (CANA-210) 210
Canaletto Bianco (CANA-300) 300