To exude innovative ideas and stylish design of each designer’s product, Our mission is to bring fancy paper with the best quality and flawless beauty to customers.


Lanvi Paper aims to become the leading brand in Vietnam market in the provision of high-line fancy paper from European countries.

lan vi

Core Values

Lanvi Paper do focus on the customer in every activities. To live in not only passion of beauty but also the desire of creative ideas in each design. We have been updating the market trend and importing the most suitable merchandises. In addition, we usually collect customers’ comments about our services to consider, improve and deliver the best reactions to them.

The quality of products and services determine our existence. Lanvi Paper commits to provide the best products, certified about the environmental protection and the production process by pretigious organizations in the world, to our customers.

Brand reputation presented through self-esteem. Lanvi Paper seriously prestige its brand in each relationship with their customer. In order to build the trust between each others, Lanvi Paper highly appreciate the parties’s self-esteem, based on respects and value of moral, during the cooperating time.

Continuing to improve and provide a professional working environment. Lanvi Paper wishes to bring the best working place to employees. To maximize the capabilities the labor, we let our staff work in a friendly and fair competition. During the operations, Lanvi Paper do listen, consider to improve the organization by flexible changes and have suitable reactions to employees.